Sticky Note

Sticky Note to myself about THINGS-TO-BE-DONE in the next week, month, year, 5 years, maybe 10 or 15.

NOTE – This is a work-in-progress list.

Get back to work (part-time? full-time?) to regain my financial independence and to feel active – mentally and socially. – DONE! check this here.

– Travel within India – Pondicherry (to visit Auroville), Leh, Jaipur (to get a bandhini saree), Agra (to see Taj Mahal – yes clichéd, but still), Gujarat, backwaters in Kerala (boat house anyone?).

– Travel internationally – The places on my list (as of now) are – Singapore (Sentosa Island here I come), Bora Bora Islands (this one is going to be a no-kid-with-the-spouse-only holiday), Italy (for an authentic pizza), London (to meet the queen?), Antarctica, Dubai (to buy gold, yeah right!) .

– Read books, loads of ’em and collect all those books for my collection at home. Here is why I love to read?

– Write a children’s book – this one is inspired by my son.

– Take a cruise to Alaska

– Take N to Disney world

Get a new lens for my Canon EOS 450D – after I explore my current 18-55 mm lens fully.

– Do something that I REALLY LOVE and have natural passion for (money and time not being constraints) – something that makes use of my spatial skills (my friend A says I am good at these), my love for books, decor and photography.

– Watch plays at Ranga Shankara (as long as I’m in Bangalore).

– And the one dream that I have been harbouring since a long time – Live in Manhattan, on the island, even a studio apartment will do or a loft overlooking Central Park (I know I know I ain’t that rich but it doesn’t cost anything to dream, does it?), walk to work amongst the teeming crowds, watch theatre on Broadway, take the subway, have a picnic in Central Park!

What are the little and big things you want to do? Tell me Tell me!


11 thoughts on “Sticky Note

  1. Hey Simran! I loved reading this one.. don’t even get me started on trying to make a list – it will take me forever as I seem to think of one thing a day to add to it :).

    Pondicherry is one of my favourite places – Auroville, and also the beach are lovely.

    And I was going to ask you which camera you use, after seeing your post on Second To None, forgot when writing the comment, but seeing that here now :). Great pics, and you definitely have a way with it!!

  2. Thank you Aparna! 🙂 this post had been in draft for so long… i kept adding things till today morning. We might be going to Pondy soon so at least 1 thing on my list shall be done in the near future.
    I am still an amateur with the camera but a hard worker so trying to learn more everyday.

  3. Wow! Nice read Simran. I too wanted to comment on how beautifully you take pics…now I know you are into photography 🙂 Pondy is good..I’ve been there but I thought it was a little over hyped. Maybe you let me know how you like it. I thought that way abt Coorg too but my expectations may have been too high. Next on my list is Northern-most India (Kashmir) and East India (Leh). And yeah…I too want to do something I really love some day…not just corporate job. Sigh….the wish lists 🙂

    • Thanks Divs! I feel that most of the tourist places are hyped up, especially after coming back from the US i felt disappointed when I went out to the first few places in India. The reality was very different from what was mentioned on their websites or what I had heard from people. Then I lowered my expectations and things were better 🙂
      Wish lists are fun… they at least allow you to day-dream *wink!

  4. So many common points. Have the same camera and just got a zoom lens (YAY!!!), start thinking now….that 18 – 55 takes you there faster than you think! Or I was just greedy! 😀

    Nice post, something all of us have to keep in mind to spur us to get ‘there’, wherever that is!

    • Is it? I am still exploring the current lens, but am already yearning for more 🙂 Will try to be patient. Thanks! This list serves as a constant reminder of things that make me happy and that I need to work for.

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