Yay for Season 3s!!

Masterchef Australia, Season 3, starts Aug 2, 9 PM, Mon to Fri on Star World. Those who know me well, know that I am a HUGE cooking-show fan. I love to watch what they cook, how they cook, the ticking clock and the drama that goes along with reality television in the cooking world. Personally I would prefer the Australian version to the Indian one considering all the melodrama in the latter. And no this is not because I love cooking! I do not cook on a daily basis, but I like cooking for parties, special occasions and whenever I feel like. Yes its weird! but I still love cooking shows 🙂

And, Lie to me, Season 3, Starts Aug 12, 10 PM, Mon to Fri on Star World. I like the protagonist – Dr Cal Lightman. And his partner Dr Gillian Foster. The series is about Dr Lightman and his team solving issues or resolving situations by figuring out whose lying or not. They use a combination of scientific methods, intuition and experience. I saw Season 2 and it was decent. Nothing to be too crazy about but it is somewhere in the middle!! Way better than the Las Vegas series.

August is when the fun starts. What are you hooked onto on the Idiot box?


5 thoughts on “Yay for Season 3s!!

  1. Simz.. there seems to be some karmic connection here :).

    I am a crazy viewer of these shows!! In fact I usually download and watch episodes cos they show them here so late, so MA S3 is nearly drawing to a close, and Lie to Me S3 too.

    I watch most of the prime-time shows in the U.S – Greys Anatomy, How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family, House (I won’t bore you with the complete list!) and the reality cookery shows like Top Chef were my fav till I came across Masterchef Australia! I just love the way the judges interact with the contestants – so much support and bolstering their confidence even if they are on the verge of getting eliminated.

    • Really!! OMG!! That’s so cool. I have been keeping track of what’s going on with those 2 series but was waiting to watch them on Indian TV. I like Modern Family too and a couple others. Top Chef was my fav too but I agree I like Masterchef better 🙂

    • Yay! i saw it and it is wonderfully written 🙂 I like those shows too but am a very loyal Masterchef A fan. So that still tops the list. I think i like the judges the most in there. They are sweet, encouraging and best of all round, like chefs shud be 🙂

  2. I had a huge list of TV shows that I was hooked on to in the US. It started in the evenings with George Lopez at 6pm in the evenings and went on back to back until Grey’s Anatomy at night. Sigh I miss those days. Out here, I was only able to find Las Vegas and Modern Family to unwind and get hooked on to other than reruns of the usual – Friends, How I met your Mother, Everybody Loves Raymond, etc. I wish they would broadcast more of the popular family shows here…

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