Being a mommy has taught me…

that I can’t procrastinate anymore. There is stuff that will have to be taken care of NOW! Well there is some stuff that can wait. Like this tag…. Uma and Divs had tagged me long long (Thanks for that ladies) …. ok very long (is a month too long?) ago. And I just kept putting it off till “I could feel from the heart and write” or “I will write at the right time”. Digressing, aren’t we? Coming back to the point. Babies do not wait and neither does stuff related to them. Poopy diapers need to be changed, hungry mouths need to be fed and cranky kids need to be put to sleep and all this, you correctly guessed, needs to be done NOW! So the procrastinator residing in me deep down somewhere woke up and left, although, WARNING – some traces are still there.

that I am human too and have flaws. Oh yes! Before that I used to think I was invincible and flawless. But days of overflowing laundry baskets, messy baby, dirty house (teeny-weeny bit maybe), eating takeout and a dishevelled “me” have proven otherwise! I am less patient but more grounded now.

that there are bad days and good ones. I have learnt to have hope, to believe that every cloud has a silver lining. After a long tiring day N will finally go to sleep and then the silence will be heavenly. Every stage in your life and your child’s life has challenges and rewards too. Its up to you to sort the grain from the chaff.

that what you say sometimes doesn’t matter as much as what you do. Children will copy even subtle expressions and actions. You cannot pretend that just because you turned around before you lost your cool the kid didn’t see you or notice. Their senses are razor-sharp and they know if you are sad, angry or fuming inwards without you saying a word. You need to practise what you preach and you need to be honest and calm all the time (ok, most of the times. All is too much to ask). I now know that my child is my mirror – the sort that magnifies and shows my flaws a li’l too well for my comfort.

that its ok to be selfish and put yourself first. Ahead of your family, extended family, friends, spouse and even your child. The airplane survival philosophy of wearing the oxygen mask around you first and then around your minor holds true for life too. If I am not happy and healthy neither will my child be. So its ok to have some “me-time” away from the child, husband, family. I have learnt that I can take better care of my child and myself, if I do things that I like, with people who I love.  And spending a few hours away from my little one will not have a permanent damaging effect on him. He shall still love me 🙂

Like I said earlier I am very late in taking up the tag so most of the mommies I know have already finished the tag leaving me with no choice but to not pass it on! Next time I shall try to complete my tags on time and pass them on too 🙂

But readers (bloggers and non-bloggers) please feel free to take this tag up and let me know what mommyhood has taught you either as a blog post or in the comments section.

Happy mid-week day!!!


2 thoughts on “Being a mommy has taught me…

  1. Cool…very well put. I agree with most of them especially where you said kids have razor sharp senses. They are so good at knowing whats going on inside you na? Ernie actually!

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