On turning 31

There was a girl from Chandigarh,

Who liked fun, friends and family together.

She grew up, went to college, started working, got married, had a little boy,

Quit her work, started blogging and became the li’l one’s toy (Phew!).

She followed her heart and defied all rules,

And along the way learnt important life lessons to be used as tools.

She feels there is lots to do in life,

And not only be a daughter, mother and a wife.

She’s blessed with a lovely family and great friends,

Who watch out for her and don’t sway with the latest trends.

She wishes for happiness, good health and luck,

For herself and all those who with her are stuck!!


18 thoughts on “On turning 31

  1. Wow – happy birthday Simran! Beautifully written verse btw. Hope you have a great day and a lovely year ahead. Do let us know how you enjoyed it.

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