N speak

N is a bundle of words these days. He speaks faster than he can think. The thoughts are all there and are too many sometimes. Here is what he has been saying over the last few weeks. Rather here is how he has been keeping us entertained 😉 Some of these are words of wisdom while others are those of an entertainer.

  • In response to being offered a 2nd candy (I was in a generous mood that day) – “Mamma I can’t have one more candy. I will have tooth owie, then doctor uncle will take my tooth away like Titus goat (a character in a book of his).” A pause then he says “And I also have cough”. And here I was thinking he’ll have a million reasons for having candy and not against it.
  • “Daddy you not wearing night shuit?? I am wearing night shuit. No sleeping in shirt. Please change. Simran I told daddy, you also tell” – on realizing that daddy was in bed in the shirt and jeans he had worn to office.
  • “Helloooooooo Ha Ha Ha” a la Mogambo, lying down prostrate on the floor, to an ant, crawling as fast as it could, to get away from N.
  • I got scratched on the face by mistake by N [Yes! His nails were not cut. I was running late on all my tasks and responsibilities on this planet [Yes, even super women have such days :)]]. Immediately he says “Sorry mama, I mean to not.Come here I will kissie kissie and put sanjeeni booti”. The sanjeevani booti part is thanks to his latest phase of discovery, passion and loyalty towards Lord Hanuman.
  • We have been having some thunder storms and lightning over the past few days. N was earlier scared of the lightning flashes. Now he says “Smile everybaudy! God is taking picture. Click!” [I made that up and told him to help him get over the fear. What’s life without imagination]

6 thoughts on “N speak

  1. How cute is he??!!!
    Loved the sanjeeni booti” bit!
    btw what book/ material is he following Hanuman from? I need something easy for Trish..Tried Amar chitra katha..but she was very upset with all the gory graphics of the story of Krishnas birth 😦

    • 🙂 Hey Gayathri, So far we don’t have any book that we are following. It started with a video that he saw in school during “India Week”. After that it has mostly been stories that I knew and told him or the stories that the grandparents have been telling him. Most of the videos or animation stuff I have seen is very gory and not suitable for young kids. If I come across any book or video will let you know. You could try You Tube though.

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