A reading challenge!!

I love reading – fiction mostly and a little bit of the light non-fiction. I have tried to pass on the love of books to N. I started reading to him the day I got him home from the hospital. Cut to present day and he can’t sleep without being read two books plus the many more that reads during the day. He is able to flip the pages and look at all the pictures himself. He knows some of the books by heart and so is able to say the words out loud from memory. He has his favourites and always loves a new book. He also loves listening to stories so that has made me a story-teller with a wide variety of stories in my bag.

I owe my passion for reading primarily to my dad. He encouraged me and my sister to read a lot. He took us to book fairs and exhibitions. He bought us books of all genres and authors. At a very young age me and my younger sister had a big collection.  Then for some time in between the pace slowed down – I was busy with other worldly things like getting a job, getting married, having a baby and reading to him. Now since the last year I am back on track with more fervor than ever before.

In the last week, I happened to discover Sandhya’s blog – My Handful of The Sky, and I got to know about the 2011 Global Reading Challenge. It was a very inviting and interesting activity and I quickly enrolled in it. I started off with the “Easy” Level and hope to upgrade to the next levels soon. I have created a separate page to keep track of books read for this challenge. Looking forward to doing this!! Flipkart here I come 🙂


8 thoughts on “A reading challenge!!

  1. Hey, didn’t know its you when I saw this name. I realised only when I saw your ‘My other blog’ 🙂
    This post on reading is seriously inspiring or rather I should say invokes guilty feeling for not to have read for long..When I was in a full time job, I had to travel 1.5 hours to work and I used to enjoy that time reading and never complained, but after I left the job, I had more time, but never spent on reading.. But this challenge looks like too much of a challenge for me.. half year is gone and I am a very slow reader. But good luck to you.. Let us know which books you picked under each.. 🙂

    • Hi Rema, Google and blogger were causing some errors when i tried signing in with my blogger account so had to use the wordpress one 🙂 Thanks! I will try my best to complete the easy level and then see if I can manage to achieve the next one 🙂

  2. Great to know you have joined the challenge.

    I, too, have been a reader all my life, a word that defines me best, and like most of us, serious reading for myself did take a back seat over the last few years. Most of what I read was necessarily to A, (not complaining- I found some wonderful children’s books in the process) and it is of late that I find time on my hands to do my own reading.

    So happy reading, and we can compare notes over what we read.

    • Thanks for stopping by Sandhya! I love reading to N, but I did miss reading for myself. Am happy to be back doing something I enjoy a lot. Sure, lets see what we turn up reading in each category 🙂

  3. Nice :)waise chunnu’s first book was gifted by you 🙂 she liked it so much that I realised I should have got her more books and now she has a good collection thought I would love to increase it…
    Nowadays she sleeps after flipping through a book,does not let me read it to her though ..she likes to flip it ,point to the pics and tell me what they are and I have to keep on saying “wow””wow”..maybe you should create a blog post on the books u got for N(in which stage what) it will help me 🙂

    • That’s great Sharma! I can be the “aunty-who-gave-me-my-first-book-ever” I would love to put together a list or review of books for li’l P. Meanwhile you can check the tag “books” in the other blog “Simz Corner”. I had reviewed some of N’s fav books. They will be good for P too and they should be available via Flipkart!

  4. Hey
    just came across this blog of your. I already have Simz Corner on my blog reading list. 🙂

    Nice space and a very good way to inculcate the love for reading in your children. Will follow your way when I become a mom too. 🙂

    • Thanks for dropping by Richa!! And for the lovely words about me and my blogs… saw your post about the giveaway 🙂
      Books are so inspiring and interesting. A great tool for learning about so many things. I get lost in my books for hours (whenever I get some time out of my schedule with N).

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