Summer holiday fun!

My friend A and I took N and his friend P (A’s son) to the Monkey Maze in Indiranagar. It has a huge soft play area on the 1st floor (similar to the soft play area in the food court in Forum Mall but bigger). Skating and aerobics classes are also held on the 1st floor. The ground floor has books, puzzles and toys along with tables and chairs to sit. They even have a potter’s wheel – not sure if anybody can just walk in and do that or if it is allowed only during pottery classes.

N and P had a great time in the soft play area – climbing all those stairs, crawling through tunnels and sitting in the plastic ball enclosure! They enjoyed each other’s company (like their moms) and by the end of it they were sweaty, tired yet they wanted more. We spent about 2 hours there including snack breaks (multiple ones). You can carry your food. You can even leave kids for an hour, 2 hours or the whole day. Easier if one lives in or around Indiranagar or is going shopping to Indiranagar.

The bathrooms could be slightly better. I mean they were spacious and basically clean, no stink, but one of them was wet and the other one had no light bulb so kinda inconvenient. Other than that things were fine. The charges were Rs 100/- per hour. Don’t know if there is a discount if your child is there for the whole day. Overall a nice fun place for 2 year olds and above! The covered, shaded play area is nice to have on those very sunny or rainy days when the kids want to burn out physical energy and you can’t take them out. Or if you want the kids to indulge in simple kiddy fun stuff that they enjoy 🙂 I wish they open up a branch in HSR Layout.

From there we made a stop at Apple of My I, Indiranagar. I love that store. The staff is helpful and courteous. There is a mini play area outside to keep the kids busy while mommies shop. They have a nice range of toys, kids room decoration stuff and clothes too. They have started their in-house apparel brand which is cost-effective and the quality seems good. I picked up some stuff for N, shall be able to tell you more about quality after using the tees for some time. 2 of my favourite brands Vividha and Peek-A-Boo stock here so cute children’s room furnishings are available. They even have Melissa & Doug stuff (RTI/ RTB people – For your info).  I wish they also open up in HSR Layout 😉 AOMI guys – Are you listening??

This time it was A and my turn to stay glued and not-want-to-leave. We finally managed to leave after we knew the layout of the store by heart and exactly where each thing was supposed to be. The store staff was tired after smiling at us continuously and they started tapping their fingers on the keyboard waiting to bill us and then throw us out, well maybe not throw but something close to that.

After all the playing and shopping both parties (mommies and kids) were low on sugar so we decided to indulge in some Baskin Robbins ice cream. It was a perfect ending to a great outing! N had some Alphonso and cream while I had cookies and cream. Summer holidays sure are fun and days like these make beautiful memories 🙂 Happy Friday! Have a great weekend you guys 🙂


14 thoughts on “Summer holiday fun!

  1. Hi,
    Sounds like u guys had lot of fun!
    I also like Apple of My Eye, they have a store near my office and love to shop from them.
    Chunnu loves the footwear section in AOME , I think she is going to grow up to have a huge collection of shoes.On her first day in new creche she was all sad sad until she saw this long rack full of kids shoes baas she was like “sue sue” and tried to wear them..I had a tough time taking her away from there…..
    Have u tried this place in Indranagar, I have heard good reviews abt it and was planning to drop in once things are more settled at the home front..heard its good.I will try monkey maze, I came across it when I was driving around in Indranagar searching for Airtel office on Tuesday afternoon..heat+crying baby+mess+no maids at home was kindof getting to me at that point ..if I had known its a good place to relax I would have stopped by..anyways…nice to know of a place where kids can have fun..there is one more in kormangala in which kids can do pottery and then these guys will glaze and give it to u which would be fun but I cant remember the name…..gosh I have written so much in comment section..,maybe I will write a mail with other details 🙂

    • Awww! Chunnu’s actions sound so cute. I initially thought trying shoes was a girl thing but when N started trying my heels along with S’s shoes I knew it was a phase 🙂 He’s outgrown that for now. I love AOMI too! I have heard about Claytopia also. Ppl say its a nice place but I haven’t been there yet. Would love to go some day. Lets meet up once you settle. Though it might be post June – I have a deluge of guests coming in next month. Take care!

    • Ha ha! N has been saying that too… He’s been giving S a detailed de-briefing including “we play out, it was hot. Mama and “A” aunty shopping shopping”. 😉

  2. Nice way to spend a summer holiday. I remember taking my lil N with a close friend B and her son last year. We all had a great time too except we noticed that the staff could be a little more friendlier. We did not like their attitude then. Hope they have groomed now. And I like AOMI too. Went there just once. Guess its time to do these 2 all over again 🙂

    • I agree about the staff at Monkey Maze Divya. They could be friendlier for sure. Even though A and I and a few other parents were there, the staff was making no attempt in toning down their anger or irritation at a naughty kid. I wouldn’t leave my child there with that staff and would rather take him myself.

  3. Oh and btw Simran – it was nice bumping into you the other day. I just wish I had more time to catch up with you…but was busy running after my daughter. Let’s meet up peacefully another time.

    • I wanted to say the same 🙂 It was really nice meeting you – a very pleasant surprise! Lets meet again when we are not running around behind the N’s *smiles*. I will be a little busy with in-laws and parents coming in next month so lets meet after that.

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