The Positivity Experiment – Day 7

Yesterday was the last day of my Positivity Experiment. I started it as a way of looking at mundane, routine things in an optimistic manner. And it did exactly that. It changed my outlook, even if it is a teeny bit, and helped me be happier.

Here are the 5 positive things from the last official day of the experiment. I started writing this post yesterday itself, but zoned off in front of the laptop. Talk about being motivated huh! Actually, I was way too tired – mentally and physically. But I was content and happy. Got lots of work done yesterday and spent “quality” time with N.

  1. I had a long and lovely chat with my mom. I mean we talk every now and then but yesterday was more relaxed and intimate. She is going to be visiting me soon and so both of us were excited. We talked about what all we were going to do. She is eagerly waiting to meet N. He talks to her sometimes over the phone (depending on his mood). I have been planning for stuff to do when family visits and we discussed about that.
  2. I was able to help someone who actually needed it. My cook wants to buy a fridge but couldn’t afford buying it from the shops because of the huge down payment amounts. I had been planning to sell my current one ‘coz its too small for our needs. It worked out great for us. She can now take the fridge on easy installments and an affordable down payment. I can take this one out and replace it with a more economical size.
  3. My mom sent me a beautiful summer blanket – those light kind of throws which you can use in Bangalore weather. It is beautiful. It has got big pink and red tulips with green leaves on a white background. It is so soft and comfy to touch. My mom told me she thought of me when she saw it. Thanks mama! 🙂
  4. N had a great time in the play area yesterday. He behaved well. Listened to instructions (as and when doled out by ma). No sand pit tiffs or mock fights. He burnt out all his energy in the right way and by the time he got home was super tired. It was nice to see him active and happy.
  5. N and I had a peaceful nap in the afternoon yesterday. It felt as if I hadn’t slept since ages  – the effect of staying up late the previous night watching a movie. You should have seen the 2 of us – pictures of eternal bliss. Arms wrapped around, looking at each other, telling each other stories, I didn’t even realize when we drifted off to sleep. N usually sleeps in his own bed and so it was nice to sleep together all cuddly and lovey dovey.

Like I said earlier I shall try to continue this experiment every day. It helps to see the glass as half full instead of half empty!

Happy Wednesday to all of you out there!


What do you think? I would love to know.

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