Be happy, Stay Positive – Day 6

Continuing my positivity experiment, here are the 5 points for today –

  1. I took care of my plants today. It felt very nice and therapeutic. Did some digging, mixed home-made compost with the mud, cleaned the pot bases, sprayed the leaves, trimmed some of them. If you were wondering how in god’s name did I make compost at home then don’t rack your brains I did not make it. A friend makes it at home and she passed it on to me. The plants looked happy, healthy and grateful (or maybe that was me imagining things).
  2. S gave us a surprise today by landing home a little early than usual. We went to watch the movie “Stanley ka Dabba”. Mondays to Thursdays are ideal to watch movies – less traffic if you beat office rush, no crowds in the malls, no queues for tickets or food or the loo. We tried out a new mall in Jayanagar – Swagath Garuda Mall. It wasn’t very impressive but would do on a weekday. Weekends could get crazy there. The whole experience of doing something different was nice. The movie was hard-hitting. I bawled uncontrollably during certain scenes. I felt all sorts of emotions while watching the movie. Happy was one amongst many.
  3. N has been saying “Thank you”, “Please” and “Excuse me” a lot these days and without any prompting. I am happy!! 🙂 All those past few years of trying to drill those basic manners in is helping. He uses the right words for the right situation. Hope this lasts for a lifetime.
  4. N’s first day of holiday went smoothly. We played with Lego blocks, had fun with crayons, laughed a lot, read stories and napped together. He was in a good mood overall which made me feel good. Just that its going to be a challenge to keep him busy every day for the next 3 weeks. Waiting for the grandparents to arrive.
  5. I cleaned and reorganized the full set of cupboards in the guest bedroom. It felt therapeutic. Actually it made me feel as if I was in control. One more item off my to-do list before the in-laws get here. Will work on the other areas next. The clean cupboards, fresh newspaper and neatly stacked stuff looked good and made me feel relieved!!

Tomorrow’s the last day on my Positivity Experiment. S was reading this blog after a long time and he came across this experiment. He thinks I should do it for 21 days instead of 7. I would like to continue the exercise but maybe not blog about it! But my viewpoint on daily life stuff is definitely  changing.


2 thoughts on “Be happy, Stay Positive – Day 6

  1. Amazing to see you so pepped up..your positivity posts do rub on to me and I feel good..nothing like re-arranging and having tidy cupboards. It feels like some achievement once I do it..good going Simram!

    • Thanks Uma! Those were such sweet words 🙂 I love re organizing and re-arranging stuff not everyday though, but when I do that it is therapeutic 🙂

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