The Positivity Experiment – Day 5

Looking at things the positive way is a great habit. I can feel it slowly catching up to me a teeny-weeny bit. Today was a super busy day jam-packed with activities! Some planned, some unplanned. But they all achieved some or the other purpose and gave some sense of satisfaction 🙂

  1. The highlight of the day was my first ever trip to Rangashankara – the famous theatre in Bangalore 🙂 I went with my girl friends to watch a play called “The Interview”. The atmosphere of the place was so scintillating! I loved the decor, the cafe – the food was yum (I am sure that by now you know food is always on the top of my list). The shaded area to sit, the trees, the cafe tables with cement block legs, the odd knick knacks used as decorative elements – an old steel bucket, a kathakali mask, beautiful red and orange curtains, the warli art work on the cafe counter wall – all of it was beautiful. And the place is well maintained, neat and clean. The insides of the theatre itself were nice and comfortable. The staff was professional, informed and yet friendly and warm. I would love to go to the place again. The play itself was quite a different story. It wasn’t what I had expected. Maybe that’s a separate post.
  2. Another incident today was meeting old friends after about 5 odd years. It was a semi-unplanned meeting. I say semi because we chatted up via Facebook status messages and made a promise to meet. So when they actually came down to Bangalore they dropped in today. It was so nice catching up and laughing at old jokes and narrating anecdotes of times gone by. N became good friends with A uncle and M aunty. He didn’t want them to leave and requested them to stay for 5 more minutes after every 5 minutes ;). The warmth of friendship leaves you with a happy glow around you.
  3. I am learning how to speak Kannada. I blogged about it here. Today in class during a discussion of one of the assignments the teacher pointed out that I was “tumbaa jaana” when I gave a prompt answer to a question. For the uninitiated to the world of Kannada, “tumbaa” means “very” and “jaana” means “clever”. He said it was meant in a nice way. As is very sharp kinda clever. I liked that. He told me after class that I was catching on the language very quickly which is good. I just wish I could practice speaking it a little more.
  4. My parents sent some stuff to me in the truck that was transporting my sister’s stuff from up North to a hill station down south. S had a rendezvous with the truck today morning and brought the stuff home. One of the items in the stuff were a set of cane chairs for my balcony! I love those laid back low chairs – they remind me of my mom’s place. I need to hunt for the right cushions for it now.  More shopping, Yeah!!! My mom also sent all my fiction books that were lying around at home. She’s been telling me and my sister to take our stuff so that she can clean up and organize her house so this was her chance to send some of that stuff. She says it’s been crowding the house ever since we left for college! 🙂 More books to add to my library collection. Made me very happy. Tumba Santoshaa.
  5. I spoke to 2 of my friends over the phone from my first workplace. We had a group of 8 friends while I was working at this place. It was lovely catching up these two. One of them is in the US and is about to have a baby!! I am so excited and happy for her 🙂 The other one stays in Noida but is visiting family in Bangalore. He is a great guy and it is always a pleasure to meet him. Lets hope I can meet him before he goes back. Cheers to friendships!!

2 more days to go for my experiment to end. Would you like to do this too? If yes, go ahead and take this up!! It is a great motivational exercise.

Till the next post, take care.  And Happy Monday!!


4 thoughts on “The Positivity Experiment – Day 5

  1. Hey…quick question. Your son’s school must be closed now for summer right? Then how do you manage going to Kannada classes? Do you take him along?

    • Divya – The Kannada class is only on Sundays for 2 hrs from 10 to 12. My hubby is at home on Sundays so he baby sits 🙂 And yes N’s school is closed. He was off to a summer camp till last Friday but today onwards he is at home full time!

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