More Positivity – Day 4

Weekends are great! They bring positivity and happiness along by default 🙂 Today was a good day with respect to my experiment and otherwise too!

These are my 5 positive things for the day –

  1. I went for my troublesome tooth’s root canal treatment (yes it unfortunately came down to that) today. It wasn’t a major surgery (thankfully) – was over in about 45 minutes. No pain or swelling yet! The doctor was great, seemed very skilled, quick and professional. I liked the clinic too – neat, new and the latest tools. Customer service was efficient too. I was thankful and happy that it turned out to be a painless, quick and no-issues affair.
  2. Before the surgery I was chatting with the dentist and at some point during the conversation, I happened to mention that I have a 2 and a 1/2 year old. She looked at me with disbelief. Put down whatever she was doing and said to me “You have A CHILD!!” [Please note the sudden change in pitch. It became high as in she-couldn’t-believe-it-high]. “You don’t like look you have a kid, that too a 2 and a 1/2 year old. ” I was glowing with happiness inside out and all I could do was smile and mutter was “Thanks!” But the compliment (I chose to take it that way) definitely made me happy!
  3. N and I attended a birthday party today. It was a carnival (think Rio!) themed birthday party for a 5-year-old. Both of us had so much fun. We both had our friends around, we danced, played games, chatted with our friends and ate! The food spread was awesome. I am a TOTAL FOODIE so it was double the fun. There was yummy mango salsa with nachos, pineapple and cheese skewers, corn salad, black beans and mexican rice, cake, ice cream and awesome kesari bhath. After a while I lost track of the number of refills and trips to the dining table. My tummy was very happier than me 🙂
  4. S is out for a guys night out. I am happy for him. We both try to give each other breaks like this so that we can do our thing. So I’m happy that he is having fun today and can hang out with his friends. Also because tomorrow is my day out 😉
  5. I was chatting with some friends today – old and new. It made me realize that I am blessed that I have friends that I can relate to, click with, be comfortable around, have a good time, laugh, chat with. Thank God for that!! 🙂

Looking forward to an even happier and positive day tomorrow.

Nighty night people! Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite. Sweet dreams 🙂


2 thoughts on “More Positivity – Day 4

  1. wow…except for point one everything else sounded so much fun! You-dont-look-like-a-mother compliment is one to die for. And you manage girls night out?? wow…will wait for R to turn 2 and a half. Though I have a couple of friends around, we havent managed even a decent conversation with even the hubbies around with the kiddies.

    • My hubby S went out for a boys night out y’day. I mostly plan day outs these days and night outs are very rare mostly because of my own limitations or lack of interest. Had one today and it was good fun! One important ingredient to manage these is the hubby’s cooperation 😉 Hope you get to do one soon 🙂

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