Positivity Experiment – Day 2

Okay so continuing the experiment that I started yesterday, today was supposed to be day 2 of finding 5 positive things of the day. The day didn’t start so well with the chipped tooth hurting bad (ya ya because I poked and prodded it). And N woke up in a bad cranky mood (thanks to sleeping late and getting up early). So I wasn’t really expecting the positivity to flow in really quick. I knew I would have to really look for it in the nooks and crannies of daily life. But I was pleasantly surprised.

  1. The first moment came when after billions and trillions of days , well a few weeks or a month or 2 maybe, I finally started an art project that I had been eyeing at another blog. I had collected all the supplies long back but just couldn’t get around to starting. Today was THE DAY! I started with it and hopefully shall finish it within a couple of days 🙂 Once done it shall be up on my other blog Simz Corner.
  2. While working on the art project a spin-off mini project just happened. It was a spontaneous moment of creative brilliance. Ahem! Talk about showing some modesty here. Well, that will be up sooner on Simz Corner, by Monday. This art work now occupies a place on my console table. I am so happy.
  3. It rained today evening. One of those pre-monsoon showers which pour heavy and blow in all directions. Normally cloudy days make me gloomy. But after it stopped raining today I looked out the kitchen balcony from the 10th floor and the jungle behind our house looked so FRESH and GREEN. It was nature at its best. Slight cold breeze, the earthy smell of mud after the first rain, the grey sky with the sun trying to peep from behind them and the lush greenery. It was beautiful and it made me happy. Happy in my heart kind of happy 🙂
  4. Times of trouble and pain bring help from all quarters. My tooth became a pain in the a** progressively. Luckily for me, my neighbour was a god-send. Her fil had some Ayurvedic dental powder that really helped. In fact it was the only thing that worked apart from pain killers. I didn’t want to take too many of those. Thanks God for sweet and helping neighbours.
  5. Season 5 of Dexter started today 😀 . It is the last season that will be aired. But that didn’t prevent me from being happy about watching another new season. I love Dexter not for the gory gruesome bit but the whole series is very engaging if you like that sort of drama, thriller fiction stuff. I am a hardcore fan of all those crime fighting, drama, suspense and thriller type of soaps – CSI, Law and Order, Lost, Monk etcetera. So I see Dexter like a fan-with-eyes-glued-to-the-TV, tongue-hanging-out-drooling-at-the-same-time (okay I am exaggerating a bit now). I forget anything else going around that time. I wait for 10 pm every night and if I can’t see it that night and have to wait till the next morning to see the recorded version I dream about Dexter that night. Am I exaggerating again? You decide.

That was my 5 things-that-made-me-happy-today list. More tomorrow. Don’t worry, Be happy!


2 thoughts on “Positivity Experiment – Day 2

  1. Wow! I could get hooked to reading these Simz 🙂 Ah I loved the rain today too. Wasn’t it wonderful! And a new art project? Wow! I have been meaning to start learning sewing since ages but not getting time to even go look for a sewing machine. Sigh…soon…I keep telling myself…soon.

    • 🙂 The rain y’day was really refreshing! Loved it. I know the soon doesn’t happen too soon. But things do fall in place when they are meant to. So hope it happens for you really soon 🙂

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