The Positivity Experiment – Day 1

The Blogging world is such a huge universe out there. You keep discovering so many blogs every day – some new, some old. While browsing through one of the blogs on my reading list Shail’s Nest I came across another wonderful blog Nirjharini by Ruchira.

Some of her posts were about this Positivity experiment that she did for 7 days. In the experiment you are supposed to write 5 things that you are thankful or grateful for every day for a week. It was as if I got what I was looking for. I feel that this experiment will really help me look at mundane and routine things in an optimistic way – the right way, usually. So I decided to do this and today was the first day.

Before I go ahead with my 5 things of the day, like Ruchira, I want to give due credit to the person who started this experiment – its Preeti Shenoy of the blog Just a mother of two. To continue this experiment after the initial 7 day period she also started this facebook group.

Here are the 5 positive things from my day today –

  1. One of my teeth had a chip a few days back and it was becoming increasingly difficult to eat on that side of the mouth. I feared that a visit to the dentist would bring out more hidden monsters aka cavities in my teeth. But the dentist took a look and told me that everything else was pretty normal. No ugly secrets in there. I was happy and relieved 🙂
  2. I had been looking for a good tawa/griddle for making dosas. When I went in to buy one today, the shopkeeper told me there was an exchange offer going on and I could bring in any old utensil in any condition and exchange it for any Prestige utensil. I got a good deal and a new tawa and a new pot.
  3. There were a couple of pending tasks on my to-do list. You know those small-but-important-before-they-become-urgent kind of tasks that take a lot of time because you need to visit a lot of places. I managed to finish a lot of those today and that made me super happy. I like ticking things off a list 🙂 . So I picked up a new water bottle for N, a new potty seat for his bathroom (yes we are under-training) and a nice set of BPA-free, colourful Munchkin plates from Mom n Me. Retail therapy is welcome anytime!
  4. Another instance of great pleasure was when N enjoyed eating his veggies today for both lunch and dinner. He even declared that “Veggies is healthy for me. So I will eat tomatoes and capsicum and onion and daal and bindi.” He enjoyed eating his food and had a 2nd helping of daal. You should have seen my face and the happiness poring out of every muscle or orifice!
  5. And today’s 5th happy moment was when N was being a polite and well-mannered kid. He said Thank you without any prompting multiple times today. In one instance, he yelled “Mamma, wait!” when I pointed out that he should say the same thing politely and softly. He instantly responded in a much mellowed down tone “Mamma, please wait. I want to walk with you.” I said “That was good Neil. The right way to speak.” Pat came the response “Thank you, Thank you Mama”. Hard work does pay off eventually! 🙂

I am already looking forward to do this again tomorrow!! Focussing on the positive does help. If only I can learn to make it a habit now.


13 thoughts on “The Positivity Experiment – Day 1

  1. Ohh I hate visits to the Dentist ! Am glad yours went off well! Thanks for picking up the Positivity experiment. Its a sure fire way to stay happy. Hope you enjoy doing it ! 🙂

  2. Wow – I really like this initiative Simran. Maybe I should take it up too. It helps to post it too so that you can really refer back to it and be thankful. Great going!

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  4. Thanks Divya! I liked it too when I first saw it on Ruchira’s blog. Sure, please feel free to take this up, its a nice and healthy (for the mind) activity to do 🙂

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