Meet my budding author

” One day, Hanuman met Scratchy monster.

Hanuman was not scared. He did dhishoom dhishoom to Scratchy monster.

Then Scratchy monster ran awayyyy. He did not come again and again.”

This was my 2 and a 1/2 year old’s first ever self created story. Mama and Dadaa couldn’t be happier and more proud! 🙂

What caused this sudden spark of creativity? We were passing by a Hanuman temple which has a huge sky-high statue of Lord Hanuman. Scratchy monster is some figment of imagination which was born after one look at the mosquito spray machine in the apartment complex. The concept of good and evil was self-discovered or observational I guess.

N has been talking a LOT these days. The incessant whys have begun and appear at strange and unexpected occasions. Sometimes cute sometimes irritating. There are a whole lot of sentences joined by conjunctions and framed around some logic.

Sample –  “Why can I (not) have a one more mango?”

“Because you just had one and your tummy will hurt if you have more”.

“But I asked my tummy and it saying that it hungry. Can I please have one more mammaa [said with a I’m-so-cute-don’t-u-love-me-mammaa look on the face]? ”

Looking forward to more such cute conversations. Hope they stay “cute” for some more time!!


What do you think? I would love to know.

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