My house is a monster

… and it is trying to eat me up!

I am not kidding. I can see stuff all around the house that needs to be fixed or ironed or taken care of. There are plants that need to be watered everyday. Laundry that needs to be washed, folded and ironed. Food needs to be made (doesn’t matter if you have a cook someone needs to decide what will be made each day). The maid, cook, dhobi need to be dealt with everyday. Cupboards and shelves that need to be organized and re-organized. Furniture needs to be dusted. Toys need to be kept back in their baskets. Cushion covers need to be washed. I could go on and on and on.

Is this what I signed up for when I got married and decided to have a child? Maybe marriage and children have nothing to do with it. I sometimes wish I could live like one of those nomadic tribes – no permanent home, move to different places every few months or years.

*Poke Poke Simran* time to wake up! Since that cross-road is long gone and you have a house and a kid – get up and fold your washed laundry. Give some mango milk shake and cookies to the hungry kid.

Sigh! This and a lot of other worldly things needing “immediate attention” have been keeping me away from the blogging world! Hope to be back in action soon 🙂

Happy Wednesday – its mid-week already!!!


6 thoughts on “My house is a monster

  1. hey relax!
    Mommy world is generally the way you described yours. Happens a lot to me. Sometimes a huge wave of interia engulfs me and I dont feel like doing anything. Other times, I am like a tornado rushing from one duty to other just to get it all done and over.
    It’s thursday and jus a day more for the weekend.YAY!
    happy weekend..enjoy!

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Uma!! Its good to know this happens to other people also 🙂 I am sort of feeling better today. There is some sense of balance after I got some tasks ticked off my to-do list.

  3. So true……I get so tired at the end of day, does not matter that I have a cook,maid,12hrs baby sitter…it all adds to more tension ..managing a baby sitter is such a headache, sometimes I need more patience in handling her than my daughter.

    • I agree. I have done so much research and querying in the last 2 days for a cook and it has driven me crazy. I think it gave me high blood pressure 🙂 Having help is also a responsibility.

  4. plus….missed ur blogs girl…reading them give me much needed stress free reading ….waiting for some fab pic to be uploaded in ur interior deco blog

    • Thank you so much Parul. I missed writing too but am sure I had some sort of writerz block. But all of a sudden now there are so many thoughts and ideas. Keep watching!

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