To the neighbour whose kids get up at 6 AM…

… everyday [even on holidays 😦 ] and scream and bawl in the balcony for what seems like eternity!!

Please take your kids inside the house when they do that next time, instead of yelling at them in the balcony. It might also help to close the sliding doors and windows so that the conversation stays inside your house. Right now it echoes all across the 72 balconies that surround your apartment.

I would like to wake up to some sort of calm and peace if not chirping birds! Sit in the balcony with a warm cup of water mixed with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar [chai, coffee is really not my cup of err… tea in the morning]. And that’s what my nutritionist recommended. Over a period of time it helps improve your metabolism substantially. Oops! There I go again far away from the topic.

                                       Well so I would like to water my plants, read the newspaper. Instead all I do is try to block out the crying and screaming while focussing on the day’s headlines [which by the way are equally dismal]. Eventually I have to go back in and sit in the living room and catch up on my dosage of news and views. I miss sitting surrounded by that crisp morning air, squirrels and pigeons.

Can you also tell the guests at your place to lower their voices when sitting in the balcony and playing with the kids? The guests don’t have to scream all the time to get the kids to do stuff! They could also try reducing the decibel level while telling stories with animated special effects.

And all this is totally acceptable when it happens once in a while or even once in a day but not when this is the situation most of the day or its 6 am. I have a kid of my own and both of us do end up speaking loudly in the course of a day [especially when N is off from school or on weekends]. But we try to make sure we talk softly when we are out and take our arguments inside the house.

Hope is a saviour and one day I shall wake up to a crimson rising sun, the noise of birds chirping in harmony and fresh spring air!! Till then it is back to “waaaaa waaaaaa waaaaaa”.


What do you think? I would love to know.

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