Are your kids eating right?

Have you ever struggled with feeding your toddler? “Eat your veggies” , “Eat your chappatis/rice”, “No chips now”, “Drink your milk” …. I guess most parents do. If there are a lucky few who don’t have ANY issue in this area I haven’t met them yet!

Sometimes I wonder whether I shall be able to teach N the importance of good nutrition. And I hope in the process I don’t dampen his enthusiasm for food 🙂 N is somewhere in the middle of the scale with balance on one end and convenience on the other. His favourite food is fruits! All and any kinds of fruits. Next come chappatis, parathas and rice, occasionally with the dal or veggie of the day. He gives me no trouble with eating at school, so his tiffin is all gone most of the times. His school makes it a point to send any leftovers back so that parents know how much and what their kids are eating. But there are times when he refuses to try a new veggie or something out of his comfort zone. Or just wants to eat plain paratha with no veggie or dal. On some days the demand for juice, candy and chips [it has started already at 2 and a 1/2 believe me] drives me nuts. I also feel the lunch box becomes monotonous after a while, wonder whether N feels the same way too.

Just when I was thinking of ways to incorporate more variety into N’s lunch and dinner, I saw this post at Anusrightliving. Anu is a good friend, my nutritionist and a life saver when it comes to finding healthy recipes *wink wink*.  In this post she busts a few myths like the Eat-everything-on-your-plate syndrome, More fat means more energy, Quantity is more important than quality etcetera. She also gives you some guidelines to give your kids a healthy and balanced nutrition.

I love the part about the colour palate. From her post

 “Compare your child’s diet to multicoloured dynamic, vibrant painting. More the variety of colours in your selection of fruits and veggies more are the chances that your child is receiving important vitamins and minerals required for growth, focus & mindfunction.

She also suggests that we should reverse the Dining-table-to-TV habit. S and I try to ensure that we have at least 1 meal a day together on the dining table. That is mostly dinner and sometimes breakfast too. S has lunch at work, N and I have lunch together. Anu says “Kids learn from what they see”. I also remember a colleague of mine telling me at my baby shower “It’s easy to loosen the rules but not tightening them” So eating on the table is a must, but once in a while in front of the TV is fine – on weekend movie night maybe 🙂

You must check out this post and others in her blog. She writes in a very practical and easy-to-understand-and-follow manner. Have a happy and healthy week!


2 thoughts on “Are your kids eating right?

  1. Last time when I was trying to feed chunnu mashed beans my mother had commented that first u have to get into the habit of having healthy food 😦 I had just finished a pack of kurkure…..have given up all that atleast infront of chunnu….I am now trying to have vegies so that chunnu also picks that habit…never in my wildest dreams I would have thought that for my child i will one day give up junk food 😦

    • He he! I totally agree! S and I had to do just that. If we eat N wants it too. So food habits have changed and all indulgences have to be either when N is sleeping or when he is away 😉 Sacrifice is another name for parenthood I guess!!

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