Chennagiddiira? [Are you ok/fine?]

Yes, I am learning Kannada. And as a result the happiest, most impressed person is… my maid! 🙂 According to her I have a great learning curve and I have achieved in one 2-hour class what she hasn’t in a year. That statement put her in my list-of-nice-people way above others. You rock Prema!

I am super excited to learn a new language especially one which I need in daily life. It is so much easier to communicate when you know the local language. You feel better when you understand that your maid is saying “Paravagilla” [It is ok/ does not matter] to your statement of “Sorry there are too many utensils today. We had guests over y’day.” instead of “Tumbaa jaasti vessel madam” [Too much/many vessels madam].

Knowing the language also helps in asking the vegetable & fruit wallah “Eeshtu?” [How much?]. And no matter what price he quotes you say “Swalpa kammi maadkolli” [Please make it a little less]. *wink wink*

The instructor made it sound so simple. He says “The easiest and best way to learn speaking in a new language is to, well,  SPEAK in that language!!”

He also mentioned an observation which made quite an impact – Foreigners (he meant non-Indians) usually learn the language faster. Because they are more dedicated to the job at hand. They choose a target or goal for that week/month/quarter/year and make sure they achieve it within that time frame. So just focus on the task, listen to people talking in Kannada (doesn’t means eavesdropping is allowed)  and try to speak as much Kannada as possible.

That’s exactly what I am going to do. And hopefully I should be able to soon say “Naanu Kannada gottu” [I know Kannada] 


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