To share or not to share

It is a bright Saturday morning – kids are sitting around with mommies and/or daddies waiting for their turn at the doctor’s clinic. Some are tired, some hungry and some plain bored. There is just 1 toy lying around. It’s a move-the-beads-down-the curved-pipe kinds.  A toddler about 2 years old has it on her lap and refuses to let go of it. Its been with her (I look down at my watch) for the last 20 minutes give or take a few. Some kids have been eyeing the toy from a distance, others who were screaming to have it have been picked up by their parents and taken out for a change of scenery.

N gets up from the small red plastic chair and walks up to the toddler girl. He stretches his hand out towards the toy and the girl tightens her grasp. I get up from my seat to tell N to let her play, he can read a book. I am about to follow that statement with “She’ll give it to you when she’s ready to share” But I don’t know if that will happen.

Her mom says rhetorically “Give that toy to him beta”. But the girl refuses, tightening her grip further. The mom looks at the dad helplessly who doesn’t make eye contact with the mom. He looks at the girl and looks away at the TV. The mom is quiet again. This happens about 2 more times. Its 35 minutes now.

I grumble to S that I would have given a heads up to N that he’ll need to share the toy with other kids in 5 minutes. And then would have diverted his interest. No toy-hogging allowed. It’s not like a first-come-first-serve here. Why don’t the parents do anything?

S being the compassionate, give-everyone-the-benefit-of-doubt guy he is, says “You should do the right thing but don’t expect or force others to do that.” … “It will make you a happier person”.

I wish I could be that compassionate and patient … maybe someday! Till then I’ll handle it my way. I get up to intervene when the doctor calls the girl’s name out…


What do you think? I would love to know.

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