Saying “Thank You”

N gave Thank you cards and gifts to his teachers and school helps today. He was very excited about “gifts” even though they were not for him. In fact he rehearsed saying “Thankoo” followed by “Huggy Muggy” and giving the gift to an imaginary mam and didi.

His principal and teacher told me later in the day that they loved the token of appreciation. And especially the cards made by N with my help. They also told me that the school helps loved getting the gifts from N. N wanted to hand over the gifts to each didi himself – didn’t matter if one of them was busy putting the daycare kids to sleep. He waited till she came out of the room. I wish he could be that patient with me!

Here is a glimpse of what the handmade cards looked like.

We transformed this –

 into this –

Simple – fingers dipped in paint and then printed onto paper to make flowers and leaves. Then I trimmed the edges with a Faber-Castell scissor. The cards went into an envelope and were given along with small hard bound notebooks for his teachers. The 3 school helps got bangles!


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