I miss you…

… my darling cup of Starbucks coffee. I miss the hot steaming paper cup in my hand. Wrapping my hands around the cup as if holding on to something precious rather than just a cup of coffee. The intense and intoxicating aroma of coffee. The kind of aroma that beckons you from far away while shopping in a mall.

I miss looking at the menu and choosing the day’s favourite.  The caramel macchiato and iced white choclate mocha!! The green logo and the nicely done up stores. Waiting in queue disciplined – no pushing, no shouting, no cutting off people. The “Hi, How are you doing today?” from the guy or girl at the counter. Most of the times a genuine, heart warming, day-brightening smile along with that!

I miss drinking coffee when I am happy or sad or for no reason at all. I miss finishing up the coffee and looking longingly at the last few sips in the cup. Feeling full and satisfied and happy after the last few sips are gone.

I wish you could be here in India too!!


4 thoughts on “I miss you…

  1. I have been through the Starbucks experience, but for me the filter coffee down the corner of the lanes is no match for Starbucks. Although the Mermaids are not smiling, the coffee makes me smile 🙂

    BTW, Nice posts, they also brought smiles!

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