I told you so…

The problem is nobody told me that!!

No one told me that parenting is a very challenging job. Yes! much more than those deadlines to meet, pressure of client satisfaction and launching the next release into production [For all the non-IT industry folks, this is IT lingo].

Parenting is a job –

  • that is demanding [very demanding].
  • that has high maintenance clients who leave no time for your own maintenance.
  • that keeps you accountable 24×7. Even if you take a break, you might be called back to duty.
  • with work that stinks! Literally!
  • that offers mashed potato, boiled peas and carrots for lunch.
  • that doesn’t allow any sleeping on the job. Well which job does that anyway? The problem is that this one doesn’t let you sleep at night too.
  • that needs you to be a very good story-teller! And to be able to tell the same stories again and again and again and …
  • with constantly changing goals – bottle to sippy cup, diaper to pot, mashed food to solids. And they change more frequently than your half-yearly appraisals.
  • that offers you a lot of freebies like hugs, kisses and sleepovers but you can’t encash them for materialistic stuff like clothes, accessories or make up!

I sometimes wish someone had told me all that!


What do you think? I would love to know.

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