Lines and cutting across ’em

We celebrated Holi in our apartment complex. As part of that we did the bonfire thingy on Holika Dahan night. There was lots of music, dance, food and fun!

Dinner was arranged by an outdoor vendor. The vendor came in late, as usual, or you might say as per Indian Standard Time. By the time he set up his stuff and started out rolling the bhaturas people got antsy. They started queuing up much before the vendor guy could say “I’m all set to serve now”. But in defense of the crowd it was 9:30 already and kids were hungry and cranky. All was fine till then. But as time passed the crowd began to get restless mainly because of the vendor’s snail paced attempts to lay out the food.

At this point, the smart alecs (please note the sarcasm!) in the crowd realized that this was going to take a whole lot of time and they needed to somehow get into this queue. So started attempts of jumping the line. There was this smiling sweet lady who knew the person standing ahead of me. So she stops to say hi’s and how are you’s to the person and lo behold she merges into the queue, as if she was there the whole time. No explanation, no “she was saving my spot”, no “can I please cut in, my kids are hungry?”.  I was fuming, how can someone just do that. With absolutely no regard for social courtesy!! And yes I couldn’t say anything. Nothing. I tried but the words just didn’t come out of my mouth. I just stood fuming till the lady, her hubby and 2 kids decided to go out for dinner since it was taking so long. [Note to myself – Get rid of my non-confrontational nature and do something in situations like this.]

A little while later I see that another lady (I meet her in the park very often) with her kids tagging along, sees someone she knows very well and says pretty loudly “Chalo bachhon, aunty ke saath khade ho jaao, line mein” [Kids, go stand with aunty in the queue]. Hello!!! What ever happened to some manners. What about all the people standing behind in the queue? They get pushed behind because you added 3 more orders to the line.

And then there are always the ones who request someone standing in the queue “Can you please take one vada paav for me too?” “Yes I can, but are the people standing behind me idiots for waiting in the queue?” – Believe me this is what I would like to say, but I couldn’t!


What do you think? I would love to know.

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