Bus-stop gupshup!

Put 2 ladies together anywhere and you could have an endless burst of chatter or a spontaneous combustion (we are talking about extremes here)!

Move the 2 ladies to the school bus pick up/drop off point. Add 6 to 7 more of them along with a bunch of physically active and loud kids.

What do you get?

Gossip – loads of it!

Recipes – tried and tested stuff.

Quick homemade remedies and cures

Advice – unsolicited if I might add!

News about the community.

Critique on someone’s dressing sense (obviously the lady in question isn’t around).

Discussion of weekend plans with each lady trying to out do the other in the social ladder.

Hashing out maids and complaining about them.

Opinions on which kid did what and which kid shouldn’t be doing what.

Jokes apart, why can’t we just mind our business and stick talking about things that don’t hurt, harm or hamper someone? Learn from the British, talk about the weather honey!


What do you think? I would love to know.

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